Dumbarton Son

Dumbarton Son

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By 1977 I was having a brief flirtation with the oil industry in Aberdeen. It was a disaster and I shattered my left arm on a land rig near Belsen, Deutchland. Recuperating back home I first noted Talking Heads getting lots of airplay so myself, accompanied by my giant stookie, warily made it into town to purchase their debut album. The following year came "More Songs About Building and Food" and the graphics on that sleeve inspired this painting of the genius that is Dumbarton's David Byrne.

It was very good fortune that my painting hand survived the accident. The brilliant German surgeon informed me that my left would have been amputated had I arrived at Soltau Krankenhaus 30 minutes later.

Watercolour, coloured pencils and gouache.

Also from Dumbarton:
Roderick Chisholm, co-designer of the Titanic.
David Napier, famed engineer.
Steve Murray, magnificent midfielder who played for the famous Aberdeen., and many more....

This is a one-off Original piece on Saunders Waterford 300gsm HP paper, using mixed media including Watercolour Paint, Acrylic Paint, Inktense Pencils and occasionally Unison Colour Soft Pastels.

Size Guide

Unframed: 570 x 760 mm
Framed: 868 x 1063 mm